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s part of LIFELINE RESCUE's corporate responsibility, we have recently launched a new project called "Driver on Call". The goal of the project is to provide motorists with a better way to get home safely should their ability to drive become compromised by intoxication, medication, illness or other causes.

Many times, even when one feels unfit to drive, one does so anyway for fear of leaving a vehicle overnight in a place where theft, damage, towing or high parking fees could become an issue. Lifeline aims to promote safer roads and highways by offering motorists our professional, uniformed drivers whose reliable skills are available 24/7. The Driver on Call service ensures that both our clients and their vehicles arrive safely at their intended destinations.

The service is available to anyone, whether Lifeline member or non-member. Once a call is received, Lifeline dispatches a company vehicle with 2 drivers: driver #1 drives the client's vehicle (with the client as a passenger) and driver #2 follows behind them in the Lifeline vehicle to ensure safety and to pick up driver #1 after the job is completed.

To book a driver, please dial Lifeline's Hotline 16-911 or alternative numbers 839-2520 to 30 and 0917-54-16911. It is preferable that 30 minute advanced notification be given to allow for the timely dispatch of the Lifeline vehicle. Fee shall be in the amount of Php500.00 per trip within Metro Manila, paid after the service.

This project falls under our category of Emergency Prevention Services. Remember, it is far better to call Lifeline for assistance before an accident occurs rather than afterwards. Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact CUSTOMER CARE at telephone numbers 839-2014 or 8392520 up to 30 local 914.

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